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Lump Sum Settlement

New Hampshire workers' compensation law allows for the settlement of a compensable work injury, as long as the injured worker's right to continuing reasonable and related medical care remains open. A lump sum settlement does however close out all benefits other than medical care, and it is important that an injured worker be represented by an experienced workers' compensation lawyer fighting for fair compensation.

Essential Elements of Your Workers' Comp Claim

To establish a claim under the New Hampshire workers' compensation law, it is necessary to prove four elements:
  1. the injured worker must be an employee;
  2. the injury must be accidental, or an occupational disease;
  3. the injury must arise out of employment; and
  4. the injury must occur in the course of employment.

New Hampshire Department of Labor

The New Hampshire Department of Labor is located in Concord, New Hampshire and this is where all hearings are held. The initial lower level hearing is held before a representative of the Commissioner of Labor, known as a Hearing Officer. These hearing officers are usually experienced lawyers, with vast experience with workers' compensation, and they expect a polite, professional and well prepared case.
The decision of the Hearing Officer is appealable to the Compensation Appeals Board. The Compensation Appeals Board appeal hearings are also held at the New Hampshire Department of Labor in Concord, New Hampshire.
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